Why are you at Net Prophet?

My life

I'm a web developer who's a drupal expert. I carry my laptop around in a Geek Freedom League backpack - they gave it to me because I love open source software (and installing it for people). I love my Apple MacBook Pro and blog about all things geeky at (apple)Mac Geek.

Groups I track on Facebook

I can't find news feeds for discussion topics on groups on Facebook, so this is the list of things I periodically check:

Emerging church conversation in South Africa

Some of my work

I've put together individual blogs, group blogs, community content-driven sites, company websites, multimedia resource sites, flash websites and worked with clients like the South African band Fevertree, Coley Porter Bell (part of the Ogilvy Group) and Youth for Christ. I have extensive experience in the non-profit sector, with groups like Change Agents and have learnt immense amounts about working with expectations and budgets.

I'm currently developing a web-based Fleet Management System for multiple Taxi Companies, and a site which allows independent musicians to market themselves online while at the same time promoting social responsibility.

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